Internal blog post
Engineering & IT

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have met me already but to introduce myself, I am a new volunteer and as an engineer I will be leading the engineering and IT team.

My background varies from multimedia production and technical A/V in live events, to engineering roles in national TV and Radio and I am looking forward to getting stuck into helping Radio Verulam as well as learning about community radio!

The core of the team is myself, Dave Adcock, Dave Neal, Ed Barradell and Matt Jones. We also have additional support from others linked to the station too, and if you'd like to join us let me know...if you can bring IT or audio skills you would be very welcome. In addition, we have recently arranged external support with Nik Fox at Sentia Global who has over 20 years worth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Nik will primarily aid us in emergencies and with special projects.

Reporting Engineering Issues:
We are currently looking into the best way to manage any engineering related issues that come in and will update you as this develops, however in the meantime, if there is anything you think the engineering team need to look at, please report them to: - Please include as much detail as you can, including its impact to broadcast.