Internal blog post
Easter Schedule

Here is the Easter Weekend schedule. If I have done something that is wrong, or mixed up what you've told me, or forgotten something, please please please get in touch to correct! Easter Monday, 1pm, is still available if anyone would like to cover it. Again, get in touch please.
Good Friday
6am: GMSA with Johnny Seabrook
9am: Verulam in the Morning - Phil Richards
Midday: St Albans Lunch with Andy Waterfield
2pm: Weekend Starts Here
4pm: West Herts Drive with Ed Barradell
6pm: Mayors Pride Awards
7pm: RSG with Peter Fielding
10pm: Friday Night Disco with Mark L
Saturday - as normal
Easter Sunday
As normal except:
4pm: Darrell and Stephen's 70s and 80s Mash Up
Easter Monday
6am: GMSA with Johnny Seabrook
9am: Derek Staines
Midday: As normal
1pm: Radio Verulam Playlist
3pm: Andy's Hit Factory
5pm: Two Voices - Great Central Railway (r)
6pm: The Old Fighting Cocks - with 2018 marking the centenary of the end of the First World War, the play pays tribute to communities who sent sons, brothers, and fathers to fight in the War. This play is about those who left the streets of St Albans, and the families waiting at home. A Radio Verulam original drama in association with the Abbey Theatre and Company of Ten.
7pm: Northern Soul
9pm: Radio Verulam Playlist
10pm: As Normal