Internal blog post
Dropbox Shows

Since we launched our emergency schedules two weeks ago, I've been really impressed with how well everyone has worked together, and how good we're sounding.

Of course, some programmes are currently off air. I want to try to address this during the next couple of weeks.   If you are currently not presenting your normal specialist show (typically these are the pre-recorded evening music programmes) but have the facilities to produce it from home, and have access to Dropbox, then I'd like to start the process of re-introducing them where possible.

To do this, I need to set out some boundaries. This is, I'm afraid, not the time for training or experimentation. Equally, I cannot offer any production support or allow any special requests. Also, this needs to be the same show for the same duration as before - no 'bite size' versions or new ideas. It also needs to be a self-managed process. I can't do 'cart shuffling' or dig out old editions already on Myriad - it is simply too time consuming and could be a full time job in itself.

However if you are able to produce the programme at home, on your own, and send them in via Dropbox, please get in touch. We'll agree a start date and I'll make the relevant changes in Myriad to make this happen.

Thanks for everyone for their help and co-operation and good-humour so far; I am very much looking forward to a time when normality returns.

Keep safe and well