Internal blog post
Does my audience look big in this?

When you post any content (blog, audio clip etc), you can now see (while you are logged in) how many page views it got.  The only exceptions and internal blog posts.  The number of views is from the previous 30 days only and as the system has only just been implemented, the count started last week.

So for example, here are some example traffic numbers:

  • Audio clip - New baby and toddler store - in three days - 166 views
  • Blog post - Magicians Nephew Rock the tower - in five days - 26 views
  • Audio clip - Visit to the signal box - in three days - 59 views

You can probably find some better examples on the site.


One point - Podcast views aren't a reliable indicator because many people also listen to them via iTunes and other distribution.  Dave has the stats on these.

(Dave says - this seems to only show how many times the actual post which holds the podcast has been seen, not how many times it has been listened to - most podcasts are now up in the 100-200 region!)