Internal blog post
Daytime Presenting Standards


I thought it might be useful to remind daytime presenters of a few key 'rules' or standards to uphold, please.

  1. Do not fiddle with the Myriad-selected music. It is selected and ordered in such a way for a reason. The agreed ordering was as a result of a consultation - so stick to that decision, please.  I am disappointed to hear some programme presenters replacing the upbeat music with some dreadful, dire, miserable songs. It's not on, and it's not our sound. See separate message about Christmas songs and how they can be used.  Two 'current' Christmas songs will start to appear on playlists this coming week.
  2. Traffic reports appear at xx.40 (extra during GMSA and Drivetime), and not xx.35 or xx.50 or any other time. We must provide a reliable service to the listener.
  3. Our station call sign is "92.6FM Radio Verulam". You can also use "Radio Verulam". We are not '"Verulam FM", "Verulam Radio" or any other variation, please.

As always, happy to debate and talk about this; please do get in touch. I'm sorry to send a message full of 'please don't', but it is important and it impacts everyone.

Andy 🙂