Internal blog post
Daytime Music

Myriad should select music ensuring that an artist does not reappear within a three hour window. Despite the settings being correct, it still occasionally throws up occasions when an artist does get repeated within three hours and in the same show.  If you are a daytime presenter, doing three hours at a time, and you find the same artist twice in one programme, please use some common sense - either play anyway or replace with something suitable.

I've tried everything with Myriad's settings to stop this and it is STILL doing it!  I'll keep trying.

Finally, I am trying to keep the music positive, upbeat, lively, and fun. You shouldn't be changing the daytime music logs anyway (unless a news story renders them inappropriate), and there certainly should not be downbeat, slow, or dreary songs being manually added to logs.

Questions? You know where I am...