Internal blog post

We've had an unfortunate incident this week where we have breached the licence terms for use of an image on social media.

I appreciate that this was an innocent mistake but it has cost us £120, and could easily have cost double that.

You must not use any material to which the rights are either reserved or unclear, whether that is an image, video, text, audio or any other content.  This applies on our website, social media, one air, in print or in any other form.

It is NOT sufficient to search for images labelled for reuse as these very often have licence conditions attached to them which require attribution or linking for example.  Non-compliance results in a legitimate demand from the owner for payment.

If in doubt, leave it out please.

Robbie will soon be launching a mandatory legal and regulatory training course which covers this an other legal and regulatory requirements and we will expect all volunteers to complete it.