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Company Director

DIRECTOR of VERULAM COMMUNITY RADIO LTD (Company registration No 02828195)

The Board is considering the possibility of co-opting someone as a Director, to serve until the next General Meeting of the Company (probably in the middle of next year). If you would like to be considered, please let me know by 31st October. If you want to discuss the role further, do get in touch.

The Board and its Directors are responsible for the sustainable running of the Company and accountable to the Company’s Members (as defined in the Company’s Articles) for this. Directors have responsibilities in law and do not manage the day to day operations and decisions on the radio station; this is undertaken by others such as our programme controller, engineer and volunteer manager.

As a Board, we are responsible for ensuring our finances are sound, the Company is solvent and run with probity and integrity, we comply with the law and all relevant regulations and meet corporate governance standards. Directors have a personal legal responsibility. The company carries Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance.

You can read more about a Director’s duties here :

Typically, Board meetings take up two hours once every two months, but more time is taken by Directors in preparation, research and working on specific strategic projects. From time to time , perhaps in periods of significant change or challenge, we may hold Board meetings more frequently or they may be of a longer duration. Ideally, you should have at least three hours per week available to spend on Board duties in addition to any other voluntary work you might undertake at Radio Verulam.

Decisions are made by consensus wherever possible and proposals are accompanied by papers setting out the relevant arguments. Where consensus is not possible, we make decisions by majority and take collective responsibility for these decisions, whatever our personal views.

Ideally, you should have some experience of running a company and experience of or a basic grounding in financial management and people management. We are also interested in hearing from people who have previously served on a company board or as trustees of a charity. A passion for our area and an understanding of the benefits that a local radio station can bring to it would be great.

This will be a selection process based on relevant skills and suitability and we are open to coaching anyone who does not yet have the relevant experience and knowledge so that they may be considered in the future.

Directors must be a Member of the company. You can apply for membership here :