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Company Annual General Meeting

This is a quick update on what happened at the Company's Annual General Meeting.

Verulam Community Radio Limited is the company which runs the radio station. It is a company limited by guarantee with around 65 members. Anyone who has volunteeredd with us for six months or more or who lives in St Albans District can apply to become a member at

The Board reported on progress through the year and highlighted the forecast reduction in financial reserves this year resulting from payments for operations management and sales.

The Members voted to approve two changes to the Company's governing Articles:

  1. The maximum number of Directors is reduced from eight to six
  2. Directors may be paid commissions on sales and fundraising provided this is consistent with the Company's policies

Aline Bavister and Nick Hazell stepped down as Directors of the Company.  Aline had been co-opted during the year and chose not to seek election.  Nick was required stand down by the Company's Articles because of his length of service since last election.

Nick Hazell sought re-election and Kerry Cobb also sought election to the Board for the first time.    Both were elected as Directors, making the current composition of the Board:

  • Kerry Cobb
  • Clive Glover
  • Nick Hazell
  • Mandy McNeil
  • Phil Richards

If you have any questions about the Company or the AGM, please email me.