Internal blog post
Community Radio Awards 2020

The awards will run again this year, with entries opening up in mid-June.  Now is the time to be thinking about whether you have something you want to enter.

We're taking a different approach to Radio Verulam entries this year.  To make sure we put forward items with the best chances of winning, we are going to be limiting the number of entries.  This is so that we don't expend effort where we don't stand a good chance and to make sure we don't overload the CRA judging panel, which would work against us.

We've decided that there are a few criteria against which we will judge what to enter:

  • What community impact did it have?
  • Why does it stand out?
  • What is different about it which we want to highlight?
  • What makes it exceptional?

If you want to enter something, there is a simple form which you should fill in now.  Login and go to