Internal blog post
Community Partner announcements

We are removing the existing community partners announcements from rotation.  The reasons for this and our plans are set out below.  You may find that logs may skip some announcements in the next week or so.

  • These are free announcements which get added to each advert break
  • Nobody is managing our community partners programme
  • Most of the announcements are at least two years old
  • Almost all are longer than 30 seconds, with some as long as 90 seconds
  • They add to the length of our ad breaks, increasing "turn off" probability
  • They aren't very compelling in terms of selling the partners
  • As we are being more successful in selling adverts, our breaks are getting long
The future
  • Limit length to 30 seconds
  • Play only one per hour (currently two)
  • Withdraw all existing announcements
  • Send email to all organisations inviting them to provide on an online form contact details and some audio of around 1 minute recorded on a phone
  • Edit the audio provided, add voiceover to give contact details and send back to the organisation for approval
  • Conform the announcements to our current station sound (same backing, stings etc)
  • Air these but ask for a refresh after 12 months