Internal blog post
Board meeting update

A quick update on the Board's discussions last Thursday evening.

  • We want to thank everyone who put together special Christmas and New Year programmes; there was some really great, entertaining output over the two weeks.
  • As we say goodbye and good luck to Eric Carolan, thanks for all his work and support for the station over the last few years
  • We are now holding three or four violunteer welcome meetings a year, inviting applicants to a briefing meeting before they start to be allocated as team members
  • We are about to take the next steps on output improvement which will include an independent review of our output from a former BBC Radio 2 producer and opportunities for personal feedback from them.
  • Andy is about to launch "Snoop Club", a bit like a book club for presenters...more to come this week from Andy
  • We reaffirmed our interest in new premises and agreed criteria for the search but also agreed to put this project on the back-burner fro six months and concentrate on other priorities and opportunities for revenue growth to build a fund for the move.
  • We agreed we should investigate with Ofcom the possibility of an FM power increase to fill in coverage in difficult reception areas in the district.  This does not impact our editorial focus on the city of St Albans.
  • We agreed our response to the consultation by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport on the rules relating to DAB for smaller areas and will publish this to volunteers in the coming weeks when final drafting is complete.