Internal blog post
Board Meeting – 20 July

Last night’s Board meeting; here’s what happened:

  • We reviewed a paper from Mandy on new data protection laws which come into force next May. This will have implications for the way we hold data for volunteers, guests, contacts and advertisers.  Mandy will be helping us to complete a risk register and plan actions to ensure we comply with the new law.  There will be a need for us to identify the data we hold and gain new consents from all volunteers so you will be hearing more from Mandy over the Summer.
  • We reviewed our four priority areas (Volunteer Engagement, Community Engagement, DAB and Premises) and agreed that these remain our focus.
  • Hannah provided the Board with initial feedback from the volunteer session held the previous evening. We identified some immediate actions which we hope to implement quickly; these are mostly about making clearer roles and responsibilities at the station and the role of the Board.  One of the suggestions was that we provide a summary of Board decisions, of which this is one!  We also agreed to re-issue our invitation to volunteers to attend meetings as observers if they wish.  Let me know if you would like to do so.
  • We discussed a fire safety report on the premises at the yoga hall and Courtyard Café.  Phil will be following up on this to implement a recommendation regarding access into the space occupied by “Mind”.  There may be other changes we need to make to accommodate other tenants in the building.
  • We looked at a premises option which has come up. The location is at this stage commercially confidential but is within around 10 minutes’ walk of the city centre.  While this may not come to fruition, it is the first option which meets cost and location criteria.  It would provide around three times the space we currently occupy.  I will be progressing this over the next month or so.  The Board decided that we should seek grant funding options for fit out.  Mandy and Clive will be following up to identify possible funders.
  • We agreed a service contract with a traffic information provider and agreed that we would apply to Ofcom for a change to our licence key commitments to average our original content hours and local content hours over 7 days rather than having a daily target. This will be subject to public consultation and, if approved, would give us more flexibility when it is not possible to arrange cover.