Internal blog post
Becoming a presenter

We have a new policy on presenter opportunities.  We hope this makes it clearer how opportunities will be identified and filled.  Do ask Andy, Denise or me if you have any questions.


Many people approach us because they would like to become a presenter on a local radio station.  This document sets out how we approach the recruitment and training of presenters.


There are a very limited number of presenter vacancies and those which do arise are typically for general music and interview presenting.  We do not plan to increase our range of specialist programmes at present and in general on air opportunities are limited.


Any opportunities will be published on our website and open for applications. We will not accept applications by any other route and will not train presenters or producers without an application having been accepted.

What are we looking for?

People who will add something to our output, empathy with our target audience, a real love of our area which shows through, technical competence, flexibility, reliability, an aptitude for radio and a willingness to learn and receive feedback.

Will I be accredited?

We will help you to learn the skills necessary, but not everyone will be suitable to appear on air as a presenter.  If we feel that you need more time and help, we will give it, but it may be that regrettably we conclude that getting you on air will not be possible.

Radio presenting is a skill which can partly be taught by doing but it also requires an aptitude and empathy with the audience, both of which are not “classroom” things.  This is no different than aiming to become an orchestra flautist…some of us can and some of us can’t.  Don’t feel bad if you can’t.

We won’t put people on air if we feel they aren’t meeting the standard; it wpuldn’t be good for them or for the radio station.

How do I learn?

If your application is accepted, we will provide some one to one time with an existing presenter, access to materials you will need to read and understand, and studio practice time.  This training will cover:

  • The mechanics – how to operate equipment properly, how to post on social media and online
  • The style and substance – your voice, your empathy with our audience, how to structure links, how to engage your audience, our brand style
  • The law – what you need to comply with

How long will this take?

You will need to dedicate around three months to reach an audition.

How am I accredited?

We will:

  • Make sure that you understand how to operate equipment; you will demonstrate this on an “as if live” audition
  • Check your understanding of laws and regulation
  • Check that you are undertaking a role other than on air to assist the running of the station
  • Listen to a one hour “as if live” programme of the type you will be presenting