Internal blog post
Audio Content Fund application for Radio Dramas

I would like to let you know about an exciting project in which I have been involved. Our application to the Audio Content Fund was submitted yesterday.
Some background. The ACF is a £3 million Government fund from DCMS to support new “audio content’ on broadcast radio. It was aimed at commercial radio and excludes the BBC. Initially the Fund excluded community stations as well because they wanted "national reach" for any content but a bit of  lobbying from me and others changed their mind. The first two rounds of applications did therefore include projects involving CR stations (including us as partners in one involving radio dramas as we are perceived as an innovative station and have broadcast dramas before).
Since early this year I have been working with one of the local Audio Production companies, Wilkinson Productions, based in Harpenden to put in a bid in the third round (deadline today 11 November). Applications can only be made by such companies not by broadcasters but they must include broadcasters. Our proposal involves two historical themed dramas based on local events in and around St Albans. Each will be split into 5 x 15 minute episodes stripped across a week with an omnibus at the weekend. One involves the passengers on the last horse-drawn stagecoach leaving from the PeaHen Hotel to London and the other is the story of a notorious murder in Radlett in Victorian times which was a sensational story in the national papers at the time.
If we get the grant the dramas will be broadcast next Summer by us and several other Community stations across the country. Our proposal also includes a commitment to invite local actors to audition for parts so if you are interested keep an eye out for this!  If successful we will be trying to apply for more funding in the future for further such dramas too!