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And we’re back…update

No updates for the last few weeks from me; I'm not sure that there were that many of us around to read them!  But now we're back; I hope you had a great Summer and if you managed to get a break, I hope it was a good one.

Summer is usually a time when everything behind the scenes here goes quiet but for some reason, this year that wasn't the case.  So before I get on to what's coming up, here's what has been happening:


We have lost Debenhams Ottaway as an advertiser.  They have a new marketing team and we were unable to persuade them to stay.  In the process of talking to them, Kerry, Dave Neal and I did however put together some pretty impressive reasons why we are a really valuable media outlet locally including statistics on our social media and podcast reach which - frankly - surprised us.  I think everyone should know about these and you can see them here

The good news is that over the Summer we have gained some really great clients who I think enhance our client list:

  • JJ Burgess
  • BUPA
  • St Albans Business Improvement District
  • Ye Olde Fighting Cocks
  • SA Law

This doesn't come without a LOT of hard work.  Congratulations to Phil, Kerry, Denise and Mandy on landing these new clients.  We also have signed again with The Maltings; well done Kerry.


We came close but not close enough on establishing a new base for the radio station.  Intensive discussions and preparations took place during July and August but it wasn't to be...we couldn't secure the lease, primarily because the premises were large and we needed to split the lease with others which the landlord ultimately decided they didn#t want to do.  For the Board, this remains a priority.

Helping The Crescent

Tom Craven has just released an album "The Radio Verulam Sessions" which contains tracks from his appearances on The Drivetime Sessions.  You can buy it here.  All proceeds go to support The Crescent.  Please shout about this to your friends and colleagues; this is a perfect example of us being an integrated part of the community we serve and enhancing it as a result.  Congratulations Danny not just for this but also for the sponsorship for this feature from Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Food and Drink Festival

Lots of preparation behind the scenes for this ten day event, including hosting the official event website and securing a sponsor for our coverage, SA Law.  We will be broadcasting from three events during the festival, providing the website and a series of special lunchtime programmes.


Fair to say there were days over August when there were very few people around.  We missed Drivetime and Out and About all month and inevitably there were other absences.  I think we have to do better at finding people who we can train and ask to cover occasional slots but that's hard with nobody willing to take on managing a training programme.

We covered the first Meraki festival, and Hymns and Pimms from Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Other stations

Clive and I visited Vibe in Watford and Andy visited Corby Radio.  Both have paid employees running operations and both have significantly higher revenues than ours.  Corby Radio's annual revenue for last year was over £200,000 from a coverage area with a population size roughly equal to ours.


We held a sales meeting and are following up with changes in our pricing, a prospect list and some standardised sales materials.

Coming Up

We've got the Food and Drink festival coming up, and will be building on our new relationship with the St Albans Business Improvement District.  The Board will be looking again at priorities and benchmarking against other stations and we'll be planning how to increase revenues to cater for possible DAB and premises.

Don't forget our training day on Sunday 8th October.  There will be updates on key areas plus training for all existing presenters and studio assistants.