Internal blog post
A refresh for our website

We have a new website homepage.  The aims are:

  • To attract more traffic
  • To get people listening to our content online (highlights, podcasts, listen live and listen again)
  • To explain better what we do and why
  • To style in a more modern and clean way

Please let me know about any problems, and give comments.

Please also note that titles of posts should now be 60 characters or less and be very compelling as this is what the audience will see and you need to grab their attention and make them want to click.  So rather than "Bill Boggins interviews Mind" try "Mental Health Day coming up"; rather than a complete explanation of content like "This week we're talking to Bill, John, Charlie and Sarah about Widgets, undercurrents and charities" try "Widgets, undercurrents and charities explained"

Also, if you are posting a programme promotion, the title should not include the show name or the time or date; these are all handled and displayed by the post system.