Internal blog post
A message from a local organisation

Everyone...I'm passing on a message Tony Rice and I received recently from Kickoff@3.  Kickoff@3 work with young people who have run into some difficulties, to help thjem find a new, more constructive path to follow in life.

Dear Team,

Ashley and I just wanted to thank all the presenters and community
volunteers at Radio Verulam, for your considerate local support of

You have given us tremendous support, where in turn we call the
Station you represent our friends.

Since you have given our initiative fantastic local support, I have
sat in Senior meetings where Radio Verulam has been mentioned in a
good light by partners and key community members. They are aware of
the good platform you have voluntary given Kickoff@3.

In turn we thank you all in support of young people and valued
charitable needs.

Please find attached below a Striking Places photograph link, taken
from our recent National Kickoff@3 Planning Meeting.

I am sure you will see the familiar face of Tony Rice captured in
numerous photographs.

Some of the pictures will also feature on our new photo gallery of our