Internal blog post
A couple of reminders – bookings and PCs

Just to remind you:

  • The PCs in the studios should not be switched off at any time.  Please leave them on with just the screens switched off (we know there is an issue with the screen power button in Studio A so the screen may have to be left on).  We've had a couple of instances of the PCs being turned off...turning them back on is not a simple task and will probably result in periods where we can't run normal programmes.
  • Please book studio time.  There are times in our studio calendars when people are on air but have not booked the studio.  This will mean significant inconvenience for someone else if they book a studio to do a pre-record and then find someone live in the studio (not having booked).  It is simple to book (and simple to book repeating slots too now).  Please also remember to cancel slots when you don;t need them; our studios are in heavy demand.