Internal blog post
8 October training – what is on offer

Here is the timetable (and below the session content) for our briefing and training day on 8 October.  Venue remains TBA.  These sessions will count towards your continuing accreditation as presenters, producers, production assistants and volunteers.

Time Module Who needs to attend? Module Who needs to attend?
1000 Constant improvement


·         Anyone who appears on air
1020 Being local


·         Anyone who appears on air
1100 Legal and Regulatory


·         Anyone who appears on air
1120 Break ·
1140 Our station – where we are heading NH ·         Everyone
1155 Making a difference – Volunteering with us DP ·         Everyone
1220 Social DP ·         Everyone
1310 Break ·
1400 Web NH, DK, AB ·         Anyone who has not yet attended website training Being clever with Myriad AW ·         Optional
1440 Traffic and Travel NH ·         Optional Audacity – leaving out the bad bits IC ·         Optional
1520 Going live – reporting NH, DN ·         Optional Myriad – which buttons to press AB ·         Optional


Session By the end you will know how to…
·         Constant improvement

o   Andy

·         Meet expectations for the station’s output
·         Being local – sounding genuine and standing out from the crowd

o   Jonny, Kevee

·         Be passionate about our area online

·         Reflect the diversity of our area on air

·         Find local things to talk about and refer to

·         Use the on air dashboard

·         Drive people to our website for local events and information

·         Leaving out the worst bits – Audacity editing

o   Ian Colyer

·         Get audio from our audio store

·         Cut bits out

·         Amplify and fade audio

·         Mix together two tracks

·         Compress audio ready for broadcast

·         Get the audio into Myriad

·         Which buttons to press – Myriad and studio introduction

o   Aline

·         Identify what each part of the mixing desk does

·         Identify the key parts of Myriad

·         Take off and landing – start and end an hour

·         Making a difference – volunteering with us

o   Denise

·         Meet your volunteer commitment

·         Participate as a volunteer

·         Work with other volunteers

·         Raise issues

·         Reaching the audience off air – using our website and social media

o   Alan, Nick/Dave, Denise

·         Post content on our website

·         Edit content on our website

·         Share content on social media

·         Creating engaging content

·         Post a podcast

·         Create a programme promotion

·         Create an event

·         Staying out of trouble – legal and regulatory compliance

o   Nick

·         Stay within the law and regulations
·         Getting out there – Reporting and going live from the city

o   Nick

·         Record items and send them to the studio

·         Connect live to the studio for reporting

·         Involving people – Interviewing skills

o   Amanda

·         Prepare for an interview

·         Use microphones properly for interviews inn or outside the studio

·         Create an interesting interview

·         Being clever with Myriad – Dropbox, importing and more

o    Andy

·         Import audio to Myriad

·         Use Dropbox to import audio

·         [more?]

·         Beating the jams – traffic reporting

o   Lee/Nick

·         Create and read a good traffic report