‘The Rebel King’ book launch
Barnet Museum, Wood Street, Barnet EN5 4BE, UK

14:30 to 18:30 Sat Nov 2nd

Join us at Barnet Museum for the official launch of 'The Rebel King', book three of the Caradoc Trilogy.

'The Rebel King' is the final book in the adventure trilogy set in late Iron Age and early Roman Britain. All three novels are told from the point of view of Caradoc, known to the Romans as Caratacus, the British prince who led the resistance to the Roman invasion.'The Rebel King' starts in AD 47 and follows Caradoc's struggles to protect his people from the advancing legions. All the locations are real places including, in some scenes, St Albans, known to Caradoc as Verlamion.

Sally Newton, the author, will be answering questions and signing books throughout. Sally trained as an archaeologist and sticks as closely to the true story as possible. She enjoys writing the books and doing all the necessary research, though it does mean that each book takes time. Work on the first book in the trilogy, 'The Defiant Prince', started in 2008.

Barnet Museum is a free museum, run by volunteers, with exhibits ranging from the Bronze Age to the present day. All welcome.