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Run Relief 2020
Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, Holywell Hill, St Albans, UK

08:00 to 16:00 Sat Jan 18th

Are you aware of this global running campaign happening this weekend for the bushfires in Australia?



The idea was put together by Australian Ultra Runner – Samantha Gash (you an view her on Instagram).  The unity of runners/walkers is incredibly strong – so is the sense of community and so is the sense of ‘we can’t just sit on our bottoms and watch!


Runners/walkers from all over the globe will be taking part in this over the weekend.  Westminster Lodge have kindly agreed that we can rope off treadmills and raise some money and most definitely raise awareness.  We are inviting runners/walkers down from 08.00-16.00 Saturday 18th January to do as long as they want or as little as they want – to donate £2 or £200!


As this is a huge community event we are really pleased that St Albans Striders are joining with us and will have a a club representative running at all time (the amount of miles they can clock up could be quite phenomenal!).

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Jo Hancock, MSc

Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor, MD

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