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RAeS Hatfield February 17th UofH Student lecture Competition

18:15 to 20:00 Wed Feb 17th

This is our annual competition for the Safran Trophy. Three students from the University of Hertfordshire will each give a 15-minute presentation, followed by 5 minutes of questions. The presentations will be judged by a panel from Safran, the University and the Branch.

The lectures being given on the evening are as follows:

A Sustainable Space by Russell Harrison
Russell will be discussing the prospect of making space living sustainable and cost effective by talking about using the ISS at the end of its lifetime to either transform it into a deep space spacecraft or lower down to the moon's surface

X-59 QUESST - A low-boom, low-drag Supersonic jet by Vaishnavi Pawar
Vaishnavi will be discussing the conceptual aircraft X-59 QUESST (Quite supersonic technology) and introducing the X-59 Lockheed Martin- NASA concept.

Urban Air Mobility by Akshay Deshmukh
Akshay will introduce the positive aspects of urban air mobility and its contribution to a multimodal mobility system, focusing on the development, feasibility and conceptual designs to make this
project possible

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