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Old McDonald and the Three Pigs Plus?
Luton Central Library, Upper George Street, Luton, UK

14:00 Sun Mar 22nd

Topics : Books, Family, Fun, Theatre

Booster Cushion Theatre present a comical tale weaving the story of the ‘Three Pigs’ with the nursery rhyme ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’. Featuring a 5m wide book with 2m pop ups, bright colourful pages and lots of silly animal props.

The Three Pigs are living on Old McDonald’s farm and getting fed up of singing eieio every day in their barn. So they decide to move out of the barn and on their way across the farm, they meet loads of farm animals and the fields that are growing. But when they start to build their new houses, the (not scary) Wolf decides that he’s going to blow down their houses and it’s up to the audience to help stop him!

This is a show ideal for all children aged 4-8 and their families, with lots of chances to get involved in participating on the stage pretending to be farm animals in our silly props and helping with the harvest!

Age Guidance: 4 - 8 years
Running Time: 45 minutes

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