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Ideal Customer Board Workshop for Small Business Owners
Flower School St Albans, George Street, St Albans, UK

10:00 to 12:30 Wed Mar 18th

For small business owners:   Bring out your inner kid, and bring to life every aspect of your target customers and what they need from you!   Spend a morning creating an A2 collage board - a brilliant resource to keep in your workspace - to inspire you and anyone who's working on your marketing

In the same way that making a vision board is totally different to putting your annual goals in a notebook or spreadsheet, this event will connect you with your target customers in a much stronger way than filling in a traditional ideal customer template.

I'll bring the boards, magazines, the scissors and the pens.. and a structure for what to include... you bring what you know about your ideal customer...

Don't worry if you don't have all the answers about your ideal customer, it's meant to be a living document that you can build on as you go.

There will be cake 🙂