God, Science Fiction and a Good Space Opera
St Albans Cathedral

19:30 to 21:00 Thu Oct 10th

If science fiction is grounded in hard scientific fact, and science is killing God, then what place does that leave for divine intervention in present science fiction movies?

Rev Cris Rogers* - Stormtrooper and Church of England rector - will explore the themes of God, creation, faith, death and how they connect with popular science fiction, and we will find faith hidden in the background of many science fiction ideas.

We will also look at how the notion of God has changed within science fiction over the years. We will ask “Can androids have souls?”, “What if Captain Kirk did in fact fight Jesus?”, and “Could aliens create humanity and we still believe in a greater God?”

*Rev Cris Rogers is a massive Star Wars fan and is known to enjoy cosplay, never miss a comic-convention and still be at church on Sunday.

Tickets available from the Cathedral website.