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Fostering February 2020
Brighter Future Foster Care, Horseshoe Hill, Waltham Abbey, UK

Until Sat Feb 29th

On behalf of the National Fostering Group, the fostering division of Outcomes First Group, the UK’s largest and leading children’s and adult’s care, education and residential provider who want to make you aware of our exciting ‘Fostering February’ campaign - which will involve staff from across each of our fostering agencies venturing out to designated locations as chosen by those interested in fostering – where they will be able to hear more about what fostering entails, how long it takes to be assessed and ultimately become an approved foster carer.  But most importantly for those interested in fostering to ask as many questions as they like.

The primary goal of the campaign is to make people aware of the need for over 8000 more foster families to bridge the current gap in ratio of foster carers to children and young people needing safe and loving homes.

Last year we had over 1500 enquiries from people wanting to become foster carers off the back of the campaign – and we are aiming for even more interest this year!