Safeguarding Guidance

REVIEW DATE : July 31, 2021
DateJuly 2020
Review dateJuly 2021
OwnerRadio Verulam Board


This document sets out the practical steps and safeguards we adopt relating to people under 18 years of age and any other vulnerable persons.


  • We will only accept volunteers from our minimum age of 16 years
    • Any volunteers regularly working with, or likely to work with 16-18 year old volunteers, must advise the Volunteer Manager (before work commences),  should have a current valid DBS check and this should be seen by the volunteer manager
    • Any volunteers should not meet with or work with people under 16 on Radio Verulam matters without a further person who is one or more of:
      • Parent or guardian of the person(s) concerned
      • DBS checked


  • Volunteers must contact the Volunteer manager if they work with or may work with people under 18  or a vulnerable person and provide a summary of the work that is being undertaken.
  • The volunteer manager will arrange for DBS checks to be undertaken if they believe this is necessary according to the policy.
  • We will accept currently valid (and relevant) DBS checks funded by other organisations
  • We will fund DBS checking if needed
  • The volunteer is responsible for:
    • Advising the Volunteer Manager, the nature of the work being undertaken by any individual under 18 or vulnerable person.
    • Providing any required information in relation to a DBS check
    • o   Providing documentary evidence of a currently valid DBS check
    • Informing the volunteer manager if their DBS check expires or becomes invalid for any other reason.

REVIEW DATE : July 31, 2021