Equality policy

REVIEW DATE : February 26, 2021
Date26 Feb 2020
Review date26 Feb 2021
AuthorNick Hazell


Our equality policy is based on the following principles:

  1. Treating everyone with respect
  2. Reflecting the community in which we operate
  3. Not tolerating behaviour or actions which seek to exclude someone based on their race, disability,  sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnic origin, religious views, or deeply held beliefs of any kind

It is our policy to:

  1. Welcome everyone equally, whether as a participant in our output or as a volunteer, contractor or employee
  1. Work hard to make sure that everyone feels valued and welcome at all times
  1. Take reasonable steps to ensure that our facilities are inclusive and alternative support is provided where possible.
  1. Act swiftly where anyone feels that they have not been treated in a manner consistent with our policy
  2. Encourage and celebrate diversity in our recruitment, output and everyday work

When things go wrong, we will:

  1. Follow our volunteer issue resolution process where a volunteer feels we have discriminated against them
  2. Seek the input of experts from outside the organisation if appropriate
  3. Work quickly to resolve any issues
  4. Review and take action as appropriate so that the organisation learns from any mistakes made.
  5. Take action to exclude anyone who has shown a disregard for our policies and where in the view of the management and / or the Board of the company there is unlikely to be a more positive course of action which can be taken which ensures our policy is upheld.

REVIEW DATE : February 26, 2021