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Resolve is a registered charity that supports the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from substance/alcohol misuse problems and homelessness, in Hertfordshire, extending services into other areas as and when appropriate. Resolve’s primary aim is to assist people to move to a manageable positive life style, contributing to and enhancing the communities within which they live.

Resolve Delivers Psycho-social Interventions - Group Therapy Sessions, One-to-one Counselling, one-to-one key work support for people needing help with things such as debt management, housing/access to housing, social issues, physical and mental health and access to other forms of treatment as required. We deliver ful-body acupuncture as part of the complimentary therapy provision and this helps people with addiction issues.

Resolve provides support for people by offering an All Year Round Night Shelter for people who have been street homeless, sleeping rough, sofa surfing or at risk of immediate homelessness.

And finally, Resolve has a Community Cafe - SPARKS Community Cafe & Hub dedicated in the name of Lynne Sparks former Councillor and Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield who sadly passed away in February 2018 who was a big supporter of Resolve's work. Sparks is a "Pay What You Can" Cafe providing freshly cooked meals for people on low or now income, supporting the whole community by being a safe place for people to come and get support, be with "a friend" in Sparks, tackling issues including poverty, social isolation, supporting young parents, our elderly and people with social and/or mental health issues.

All Resolve services are free to access.

Sadly due to COVID all of the above is very different from how we were working. Our Cafe is currently  closed, whoever we are working on how we can safely re-open soon now restrictions have been lifted. Our Shelter has been in "lock down" since the lock down started with four Resolve staff living with our Shelter "Guests" for this whole period, supporting them, keeping them safe while protecting our Staff at the same time. This has been an incredible commitment by them all. See just how much they have achieved on our Facebook page @ResolveCharity and finally, how we deliver our Drug & Alcohol Day Services has dramatically changed since COVID. We are now supporting ever increasing numbers of people remotely, using technology to reach out to people, we provide Zoom group therapy sessions, counselling and other key work support as well as phone contact and Teams for our staff meetings and contact across our services. Things have change so significantly our services are changed beyond all recognition and we continue to fund new ways to reach out to those who even more need our support.

Resolve - Help to Help Yourself