World Homeless Day Today! Daniel and Rachard are working on ‘Homes for Life!’

From Good Morning St Albans
FIRST BROADCAST : October 10, 2019 8:37 am

World Homeless Day Today!! But what help is there for homeless People in St Albans?

Our homeless situations has increased from private landlords and our benefits systems in the last few years.. Richard understands this all to well as he has his story and is living it! Daniel from Hightown is addressing the situation of many.. and tells Kerry on 'Good Morning St Albans' of new schemes including:

  The launch of a new ‘Housing First’ scheme in St Albans which provides housing with no pre-conditions, together with wraparound support to meet the complex needs of long-term rough sleepers – the scheme is based on an internationally recognised homelessness intervention approach which has been widely used in the US and Europe but which is relatively new in the UK.

Also 'Open Doors' and 'Centre 33' and the helpful staff that can tell one anything one needs to know if they find themselves in this situation..plus a bed and meals...as it could happen to any of Us!