Trinity Community Project telling us what they can do to help people who have experience of Mental Health and Living with Learning Disabilites

From Verulam in the Morning
FIRST BROADCAST : March 12, 2020 10:11 am

We had a super time this Thursday morning with Nazma, Paula and Andrew from Trinity Community Project. This Independent Charity works really well to help those who have experience of Mental Health, also people living with learning disabilities. For over 30 years Trinity Community Project has grown so much to offer many different activities and 5 days a week. They have workshops, meet-up and sport activities and much more... which is super fun and really promote people’s skills, independence and self-confidence, while maintaining their dignity and safety.

Andrew, a Volunteer at Trinity Community Project, for over 4 years has found helping others so rewarding for those who come to visit and also for himself.

If you would like to know more about this Charity in St Albans, please click on their website and they can help you or someone you know. If you want to help raise money for this charity that would be wonderful too. Also  are always happy to speak to you if your are thinking of being a Volunteer!


Happy Birthday to Paula who is a happy enjoyer of this Charity. We hope you enjoyed being on Radio Verulam today.