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St Albans Music School host massed lockdown song featuring children all over St Albans

From St Albans Drive

St Albans Music School have adapted to the challenge of lockdown by organising a song that children and families all over St Albans can take part in, from the comfort of their own homes.

Hertfordshire Music Service, in association with Charanga, will be sharing a song called Let Your Spirit Fly - and anyone can take part!

Whether you're a budding singer or instrumentalist, you can find all of the information to take part on the Herts Music Service website.

Rachel Curson runs St Albans Music School on behalf of Herts County Council, and she spoke with Robbie Dove of St Albans Drive to discuss the unique event.

Stay tuned to Radio Verulam as we'll be bringing you the song in its entirety upon its release, in addition to a selection of interviews as the project progresses.