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CAMRA’s Iain Loe talks about the pub culture of St Albans

From St Albans Drive

Iain Loe, Chair of South Herts CAMRA, spoke to St Albans Drive's Robbie Dove about the history and culture of pubs and beer in St Albans. An invaluable source of pub and beer knowledge, Iain discussed why St Albans has such a rich pub heritage, as well as his background and why he's such a pub fan. Even Iain's Alexa features amidst the interview!

The interview is part of St Albans Food and Drink Festival, where the focus of the first week is on drinks.

The festival is a celebration of culinary excellence in the district of St Albans, and takes place from 1-28 September.

For more information on CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale, you can visit camra.org.uk, or the South Herts branch website: southherts.camra.org.uk.