Terms and Conditions for Advertisers

Definition of Terms

“Radio Verulam” is the operating name of Verulam Community Radio Ltd, a company limited by guarantee registered in England as company number 2828195, based at 11 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 3RR

“The Company” is Radio Verulam.

“Advertiser” is a company, organisation or individual who contracts with Radio Verulam to broadcast Advertising Messages.

“Broadcast/Broadcasting” is the transmission of speech and music on Radio Verulam’s 92.6 FM radio service.

“Advertising Messages” are advertising or promotional messages paid for by the Advertiser.

“Contract” is the contract signed by the Advertiser and the Company, which details the agreed number and times for Advertising Messages to be broadcast and the Fee to be paid.

“Fee” is the amount payable to Radio Verulam by the Advertiser for Broadcasting the Advertising Messages.

Terms and Conditions

The placing of any order with the Company by the Advertiser is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Advertiser.

An Advertising Message will only be Broadcast if it has been approved by Radio Verulam and if it complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements or codes of practice laid down by the relevant regulators and regulations including the Broadcasting Act 1990, “The Radio Authority Code of Advertising Standards and Practice and Programme Sponsorship”, OFCOM and any technical requirements laid down by Radio Verulam.

In particular, approval will not be given if it is deemed that any Advertising Message may infringe the copyright or other rights or be defamatory, libellous or slanderous of any third party or be inaccurate, misleading, obscene or offensive or in any way contravene any relevant legal regulatory requirement.

Radio Verulam may require an Advertiser to provide proof that they own or have the right to use any material (such as copyrighted music or spoken phrases), which they wish to be incorporated into any Advertising Message before it will be Broadcast.

Radio Verulam reserves the right to modify the scheduled times and dates of Broadcast of any Advertising Messages. If for any reason an Advertising Message is not Broadcast as scheduled the Company will make all reasonable efforts to Broadcast the Advertising Message at another date or time agreed by the Advertiser at no additional cost.

Payment Terms

All adverts must be paid in full within 30 days of the date of the invoice but in any event in advance of commencement of preparation of the advert and broadcasting.

If the Advertiser is purchasing a package to be broadcast over a period or 3 months or more, interim payments over the duration of the contract may be agreed. Any such arrangements must be agreed in writing.

If the Advertiser delays paying the invoice Fee this may result in withdrawing the advert and / or cancellation of the Contract, but will not affect the Advertiser’s obligation to pay for any work done.

If the Advertiser has a query relating to an invoice this shall not affect the due date of payment of the balance of the in voice. The Advertiser must notify Radio Verulam of any query within 5 days of the date of invoice and the Company will make every reasonable endeavour to address the query as soon as possible.